Our Clients

The biggest major labels through to the most credible indies choose us to achieve their goals.

Here is a selection of clients we've worked with in the past. You can also see what our clients say.

aeropop_PS.jpg.jpg asylum.png atlantic.png BLACK_BUTTER_LOGO.jpg.jpg BlaseBoysClub_logo.jpg.jpg bnr.png BornElectric_PS.jpg.jpg capitol.png cassius.png Champion Records.jpg.jpg Circus_Logo.jpg.jpg columbia.png compuphonic_logo.jpg.jpg Deep Medi.jpg.jpg dfa.png Digital Soundboy.jpg.jpg domino.png dummy.png edbanger.png Eskimo_Logo.jpg.jpg fabric.png feedelity.png Fof_logo.jpg.jpg foolsgold.png FrenchExpress_Logo.jpg.jpg geffen.png go4.png gomma.png greco-roman 2.jpg.jpg heavenly.png Hot Creations.jpg.jpg Houndstooth.jpg.jpg InternationalFeel_PS.jpg.jpg island.png kitsune.png kompakt.png maddecent.png marine.png Ministry.jpg.jpg moda.png mute.png parlophone.png PMR_logo.jpg.jpg polydor.png Push & Run.jpg.jpg Ram Records.jpg.jpg randsrecords.png RCA.jpg.jpg Relentless.jpg.jpg sancity.png Shogun_logo.jpg.jpg size.png small.png sony.png turbo.png virgin.png vulture.png wichita.png xl.png zinc.png