Radio Plugging

DJs, producers and radio executives have come to expect the best in new music from Your Army. They trust our opinion and value our judgment. Being respected by these professionals means, in our hands, your track gets heard by the right people, in the right context. Airplay is critical to an artist’s success, so we cover every possible angle from specialist plays through to daytime playlists - giving your release the best chance of being played on the stations and shows that matter.


Our radio services have a proven track record of raising an artists profile both in the UK and around the world. The global music industry looks to the UK and particularly Radio 1 as the place to hear the most exciting new music around. With our unrivalled reputation and consistent ability to deliver results we give your artist the platform needed for commercial success.


Established in 2009 our National Radio Promotions Department has grown rapidly to become one of the leading independent plugging outfits in the UK (15 #1 Singles, 74 Top 40 Singles (44 of which were Top 10). Your Army clients regularly feature on the playlists at Radio 1, 1Xtra, 6Music, Radio 2, Kiss, Capital, Radio X, Beats 1 and Rinse.

A high level of care, attention to detail and strategic thinking is applied to each campaign - we will tailor a plot that is both realistic and specific to the artist and genre. As well as maximising airplay we can secure interviews, sessions and guest mixes to build the necessary buzz around your release.


Our new radio service gives your releases a real shot at UK radio without having to pay for a full National UK Radio Plugging service. It serves to maximise specialist radio play in the UK and, if applicable, push for playlist at Radio 1. The service utilises the strategy and connections of our Director of Promotions, Christian Nockall, and you will receive the undivided attention of our Radio Pluggers on a day-to-day level. It's perfect for acts wanting to gain the right fans on UK radio at the right time. 


This boutique radio service delivers radio play in all the main ‘electronic’ music territories outside of the UK and USA, complimenting our UK Specialist Radio and US Services.

Your Army has a proven record securing airplay in markets as diverse as Australia, Benelux, France, Germany, Eastern Europe, South Africa and South America. Our artists benefit from increased sales, licensing, performance income and bookings in these territories. 


We love electronic music, we’re proud of our work, and proud of the artists we work with. At Your Army we…

  • Promote music from the most cutting edge independent labels and producers through to the biggest major labels and credible pop acts
  • Are the only electronic music promotions company with reach into the UK, European and North American markets
  • Regularly achieve high profile airplay across multiple markets
  • Have unrivalled relationships with the DJs and radio stations that matter
  • Provide a professional and reliable service to our clients
  • Ensure regular reporting and communication
  • Achieve exceptional results that deliver commercially


How can we help you attain commercial success through airplay? Get in touch with Christian in our London office.
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